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Classroom life

Below, you will find items made by the classes to inform you of some of the activities undertaken with the pupils.

The nursery classes

3 ans (3 years old):       Lara TRUDELLE and Sophie BESSI

3/4 ans (3/4 years old)  Sophie BENEDETTI and Sylvie ORENGO

4 ans (4 years old)        Jenna CARLEVARIS and Aline SCARLOT

5 ans A (5 years old)     Marina FRYDMAN and Nathalie DEDDELEY

5 ans B (5 years old)     Bernadette LEVRAT BOUVIER and Christine MANZONE


The elementary classes

CP A (Year 2)      Olivier OCCELLI

CP B (Year 2)      Bernard RUELLE

CE1 A (Year 3)    Véronique Totti

CE1 B (Year 3)    Virginie VANZO

CE2 A (Year 4)    Mattéa PAMART

CE2 B (Year 4)    Calogero TADDEO


CM1 B (Year 5)   Sophie LEGUAY

CM2 A (Year 6)   Vanessa ALBERT

CM2 B (Year 6)   Alexandre BAUMANN