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Alexandre MORENO

A note from the Headmaster

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Parents, 

Fontvieille school is located in the heart of an area renowned for its gardens and sunshine.  For all these reasons, our school is particularly committed to sustainable development. 
We also attach great importance to the quality of life enjoyed by our residents. 

Regularly, by consulting this site, you will learn about the highlights and news of our school. 
An annual programme of school activities is proposed with the help of the D.E.N.J.S., in line with the educational and cultural projects undertaken by the school. 
This primary school consists of two buildings:

  • One for the 5 nursery classes: Petite Section, Moyenne Section, Grande Section
  • The other for the 10 elementary classes, i.e. two per level: CP (11°), CE1 (10°), CE2 (9°), CM1 (8°), CM2 (7°)

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website.
Please check back regularly, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Yours sincerely
Alexandre MORENO

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